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3 New Shows Added To Ottawa Dates!

Make sure to checkout our show pages! We just added 3 new show dates to June. More summer tour dates are on the way! Check Out Shows

Behind the Scenes of Open Sky's "Mona Lisa" Music Video

'Mona Lisa' video is starting to pick up interest. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos to see how it was done. Photos

Open Sky's New Album on iTunes!

"Let the Light Shine Again" released last night at the album launch! Appropriately we've also have it up on iTunes for all you digital downloaders. iTunes

Album Launch Party!

Today is the day! We've release "Let the Light Shine Again" our second full length album. The Album Launch party is being held today at the Algonquin Commons Theater.

First new single "Mona Lisa" is out!

We've released the first new single off our upcoming album. It's called "Mona Lisa"! Listen for it and request it on the radio!

Interview in the Algonquin Times

We were interviewed recently by the Algonquine times. The article has been posted! Here is the link. The Interview

This years theme..."Simply Love"

So many of us carry a lot more below the surface when it comes to relationships than can be seen at first glance. We all want to find that spark that leads to a flame. We want to believe there is that special person or feeling out there for us. Unfortunately, we drag our past hurts, failures, heartbreaks and letdowns with us. We often go from wide-eyed, wish upon a star faith to hardened battle worn seasoned veterans. We're waiting and praying for true love but we are subconsciously doing everything we can to sabotage it from happening because we have started to lose hope that true love exists or could ever exist for us.

Most of us are looking for unconditional love but we are so self-conscious that even if we found this, we would have a nearly impossible time accepting it as truth. It's hard to accept love from someone else when many of us don't truly value or love ourselves. We have trouble seeing what someone else values in us when we can't see this in ourselves. Simply love is about that war of a balancing act that goes on. You think you have love but you start to throw on the brakes when things start to pick up because of past fears creeping up. On one hand, you know love can't be controlled and needs space and freedom to grow. On the other hand, you fear that completely giving your heart and self to someone else puts you in a vulnerable exposed state where you have to let your walls down.

"Pain only wants to stay, Love can get away." These two lines from "Simply Love" sum up this feeling. Pain, fear and doubt are happy to keep you where you are. You can play safe and not take any chances with Love but you are limiting what your heart will experience. None of us want to feel pain or look stupid when we give our all to someone else and they don't reciprocate. But to truly experience love we have to abandon the restraints of fear and hurt and take a chance. If we fall, get back up and believe again. "If you never jump, you'll never take flight. If you never reach, you'll never touch the light you used to hold."

Only once we move past our fear of the emotion we will truly allow ourselves to find "simply love this time."

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